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Subaru is a one of a kind car brand offering trustworthy and excellent vehicles in Australia. Subaru has built a wide customer base that is enthusiastic about their "Subie." What makes Subaru unique is that every current model, except for the RWD BRZ have Subaru's symmetrical All-Wheel Drive framework, which gives the driver complete confidence in any driving conditions.

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When you start your search for reliable transportation in the Melbourne region, a Subaru vehicle or SUV may sit at the top of your list for a number of reasons. Not only do Subaru vehicles stand the trial of time as far as unwavering quality and long term resale value are concerned, you also get a safe and secure car for your family.

As you compare Subaru with different brands, it's vital to realize what makes a Subaru a Subaru and how different brands measure up. Here are some core factors you should see while thinking about purchasing a vehicle, regardless of what the brand and you will realize why Subaru owners are so enthusiastic about their vehicles and why Subaru is the favoured choice for you and your family.

The Subaru Boxer motor (the cylinders move on a level plane, similar to a boxer punching, hence the name) sits at the core of each Subaru vehicle. The clever designing behind Subaru's Boxer motor gives a lot of power to Subaru's symmetrical AWD framework. The horizontal motor structure gives the ideal mix of balance, power and efficiency. The Subaru Boxer motor delivers, even under the most unfavourable conditions and still keeps up the most astounding fuel efficiency among dedicated AWD vehicles.


If you want a smooth ride with consistent reliability, Subaru is perfect for you as the Boxer motors' unique design generates less vibration because the opposite facing cylinders cancel out each other’s vibration. It's no big surprise that only high end cars like Porsche utilize horizontal engines. Apart from the engine, Subaru also offers a range of safety features that sets them apart from other brands.


All Subaru models come equipped with SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbags that use the latest innovation to protect you. Sensors inside the vehicle trigger one or all airbags depending upon the nature of the collision with guaranteeing all round protection where you require it. Weight

sensors in the front passenger seat disable airbags if vacant, or occupied by a child. The genuine feeling of security from the advanced frontal airbag system is what sets Subaru apart. 

The outside structure of Subaru vehicles has a ring-shaped reinforcement frame design that prevents
injury by distributing the impact to special ‘crumple zones’ away from the passengers. The design also permits the steering wheel to absorb impact energy and keep driver safe during an accident. All Subaru vehicles come fitted with a three point seatbelt system. The safety belts (standard on all Subaru models) have power limiters which adjust for height and keeps passenger from thrusting forward in case of a mishap.


Additionally, Subaru’s anti-lock braking system (ABS) stops wheels from freezing by pulsing braking power rapidly to enable regain grip on road and improve vehicle stability. In case of sudden and immediate braking, Subaru brake assist monitors the vehicle’s speed and also the force applied to the brake pedal, and then applies the appropriate force required to brake immediately. Both ABS & brake assist are life-saving safety features that are standard on all Subaru vehicles.

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