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Taking care of your Subaru headlights and wipers

Taking care of your Subaru headlights and wipers

You're driving home on a late-summer night and notice roadway signs appear to be blurred. People on foot are harder to spot and you have a smaller field of vision. The uplifting news is you may not require an eye exam, simply some new fog light bulbs. The bulbs might be dead, dim or the head light case itself might be cloudy. The same goes for the car wipers. Decrease in visibility during rains could be the result of bent or faulty wipers. Both Subaru headlights and wipers are typical wear and tear items that require regular check-up and substitution. 


Here are a few tips to make your Subaru headlights and wipers last longer and perform at peak efficiency-

Complete a vehicle walk around: Check to see whether your headlights and taillights are working. Check the fog light focal lenses for dimness and see how bright they are. Ensure your vehicle's wipers are working appropriately so your visibility isn't hampered.  

Use wisely: If you live in a region where there’s heavy snow or ice, run the defroster first and scrape away any snow or ice on the windshield before turning on the wipers as it may cause them to snap otherwise.


Change before burnout: Headlights can dim quickly so substitution before burnout is a good idea. Very frequently, vehicles with a worn out head lamp can be seen going on dark streets, presenting a hazard to both the driver and others around. If you can't recall the last time Subaru headlights and wipers were changed in your vehicle, it might be a good time to get them checked.

Change in sets: It's critical to install headlights in sets of two. Since headlights dim over their lifetime, a new bulb combined with an old one will make an uneven field of vision for drivers, which can be a cause for distraction. Go for high performance Subaru headlights and wipers as high performance components can enable drivers to respond sooner to objects and obstacles on the road. Most wiper blades last for about six months and should be regularly replaced to avoid decline in your driving visibility.


Keep it clean: Ensure all vehicle lights, including headlights, taillights and turn signals, are spotless and free of snow, ice or dirt. Also ensure that your headlights are appropriately aligned. Misaligned headlights dazzle different drivers and decrease your capacity to see the road clearly. Try to keep your windshield as clean as possible as wiper blades wear more quickly if they’re wiping across grimy glass.  

Do not put off repairs: Subaru headlights and wipers dependably need to remain in best condition since no one can tell when you'll require them to enable you to see through heavy rain or snow. While headlights are used regularly at night, wipers are used less frequently and most people do not realize when they are due for change. Numerous factors can lessen the lifespan of Subaru headlights and wipers, including working conditions and frequency of use. Wipers get hammered from outrageous temperatures, corrosive rain, dirt, sand, and frost. The elastic can break, split, tear, go soft, go brittle or twist from long exposure to heat, cold or ice.

Paying attention to your Subaru headlights and wipers ensures that your car is safe and in perfect shape and that you enjoy the driving experience. When it comes to Subaru headlights and wipers, routine check-ups and on-time replacement can go a long way in ensuring that they’re always in peak condition when you need them. Get your Subaru headlights and wipers regularly checked and replaced with genuine experts at Subabits for ultimate peace of mind.

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