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7 car service myths busted

As a car enthusiast you want to know what the best for your car is but there is a lot of false information out there that can be confusing and even harmful for your vehicle. Subabits’ Subaru service experts answer some common (and some not so common) questions about factors that can
affect your car maintenance.

1. Should I leave the car running for a while in winters?

Unlike older obsolete car model, driving the car is the most efficient way of warming up a modern engine, and the sooner it warms up, the sooner it starts delivering the best mileage and performance. Hence there is no need to rev the engine during the first few kilometres.

2. Should I change my Subaru service and maintenance in winters?

Car maintenance should not and does not depend on the weather. Modern cars are built and tested to perform under extreme weather conditions and the specifications in the user manual are written only after taking it into consideration. You should continue with Subaru service as advised by the car technicians and Subaru service experts.

3. Should I change my engine oil after every 5,000 km?

Although changing engine oil more often does not have any adverse effect on engine, it certainly is more expensive. Most Subaru cars can travel 10,000 kilometres or more between oil changes, so unless specified in your Subaru service manual, or if you do a lot of heavy driving like trailer-towing or traveling through mountainous or dusty areas, there is no need to change engine oil that quickly.

4. Should I change my coolant with every oil change?

Subaru service car manuals prescribe changing the coolant at regular intervals or 100,000 kilometres. In case you find that the coolant is draining away even after regular top ups, check for a leakage or other issues.

5. Should I inflate tires to the pressure shown on the tires?

The psi figure on the tire is the most extreme weight the tire will hold securely. In case you're searching for the automaker's suggested pressure for optimum braking, performance, mileage and ride comfort, it can be found on a sticker on the driver-side doorjamb, in the glove compartment, or on the fuel entryway. Or simply ask Subaru service technicians at your next service at Subabits.

6. Is premium fuel better than normal fuel for my car?

Another expensive misconception. Most vehicles run fine on ordinary review fuel (91 octane). Filling these vehicles with premium won't cause harm, however it won't enhance performance, either. Higher-octane fuel are less inclined to cause pre-start issues, so they're typically utilized in more hot running, high-pressure motors. Talk to one of your Subaru service professionals to know which fuel is most suitable for your car model.

7. Should I wash my car with dishwashing or laundry soap?

Normal laundry soap erodes a car’s wax finish. Subaru service and maintenance experts advise that you use a car wash liquid to give your car the perfect shine and finish.

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