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MF batteries

Are Subaru batteries really "maintenance-free"?

Subaru cars normally come with maintenance free batteries; however the name can be misleading. It implies that they do not require constant attention but that doesn't mean they don't require a touch of care every now and then. Maintenance free batteries usually have their vent caps sealed so that you do not need to check and maintain water levels regularly- something that is required in normal batteries. Regular Subaru battery service Melbourne ensures that your battery is in peak condition always and there is no risk of you being stranded on the road.


Compared to automotive batteries used earlier, modern maintenance free batteries have evolved considerably. The initial rechargeable car batteries used by car manufacturers in 70’s used lead-acid, a combination that has been improved upon and still used today. But modern batteries are more robust in construction and use a more efficient blend of alloys that reduce water loss and help in self-discharge. With technological advancements and automated manufacturing processes, new age batteries can store and deliver more power with peak efficiency endurance much higher than conventional products. In the lead-calcium alloy batteries used today, water loss can also be avoided with proper care and usage.


Beside periodical Subaru battery service Melbourne, here are some tips to provide the right care for your maintenance-free battery to keep it fit as a fiddle, and guarantee it has the longest life.

  • The sealed vent caps in maintenance free batteries do not allow you to open and add water as it is not required and also the warranty often becomes void if you do. But you can keep the exterior of battery in top shape and you can extend its life:
  • Keep yourself protected at all times. Before you begin, put on gloves and wear eye protection. Batteries contain a corrosive acid, which can harm your skin or eyes if a spill occurs.
  • Detach the battery from the cables. Unfasten the negative (black) wire and then the positive (red) wire.
  • Take out the battery from the tray and put it on a flat, smooth surface.
  • Inspect the battery and look for cracks or other physical damages. If there is any damage, you need to replace it at once. Dispose the old battery responsibly (contact Subaru battery service Melbourne) to make sure that it is safely recycled in an environment friendly manner.
  • Clean the cables and terminals. If the battery is fine, check the voltage levels. A completely charged battery will read 12.6 volts or more. Clean it before returning it to the plate. Clean the corrosion (white residue like deposit) on the wires and terminals with a non-metallic brush. You can use a mixture of water and baking soda or a commercial cleaner spray. Finally, wipe clean with a cloth.
  • Before you restore the battery to the plate and reconnect the cables, spray the terminals with battery-terminal protectant. This will prevent future corrosion. Reconnect the positive cable first and then negative cable. Start the car to make sure that the battery is working.
  • Battery life is shorter in areas that experience extremely higher temperatures as heat makes the water inside the battery to evaporate more and accelerates internal corrosion. Ensure that you are extra careful and check battery for defect yourself or drop in for Subaru battery service Melbourne regularly.


Maintenance free battery normally last between 12 to 15 months and need to be replaced by Subaru battery service Melbourne professionals. In case you face any queries or issues, do not hesitate to give Subaru battery service Melbourne experts at Subabits a call today and we will be happy to help you out.

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