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7 tips for maintaining your Subaru

7 tips for maintaining your Subaru’s performance Everyone wants their car to run smoothly but most people do not service their car regularly. People are dependent on their cars for daily commute but when it comes to getting a Subaru car servicing, they either do not have the time or can’t afford to leave the car at the garage for the whole day. What they fail to realize is that a neglected car is not only dangerous to drive but also can be a huge financial burden to fix. Here are some tips that you can follow to ensure that your car is in peak working condition to avoid longer and costlier Subaru car servicing. Check engine oil weekly

1. Check engine oil weekly

To check the engine oil, make sure that the car is on level ground, stop the engine and wait a few minutes for it to cool and the oil to settle, remove the dipstick and wipe it clean. Insert the dipstick fully in for a moment and then pull it out to check the level. The engine oil should ideally be between the two marks. In case it is not, refill the oil up to the mark or take the car in to see a Subaru car servicing expert.


2.Weekly tyre pressure check

It is very important that all your tyres are aligned and at required pressure level. Even a little difference can lead to the car wavering at high speeds and takes a toll on your engine performance. It is recommended that you check tyre pressure every week and get wheel alignment checked regularly by a Subaru car servicing technician.


3.Brakes affect your engine life

The car’s braking system compliments the car transmission. It is important that the braking system is performing optimally and at the same time frequent and sudden use of brakes affects engine efficiency and fuel economy. Brakes should be applied and released gently to ensure minimum wear and tear and avoid unnecessarily increased Subaru car servicing expenses.


4.Avoid overloading

Subaru cars are designed to carry heavy loads, but that doesn't mean they should always be stuffed with heavy loads. Often while moving houses or on road trips, we tend to put in excessive load into the car which although is not dangerous, is certainly inadvisable. Your car’s manual indicates the maximum load it can carry that if exceeded can affect car’s performance; so try to travel as light as possible or consult a Subaru car servicing specialist.


5.Do not neglect warning lights

The warning features in your car are there for a purpose and that is to ensure your safety as well as that of your car. In case any of the indicators start blinking or get turned on, immediately consult your manual or get the car inspected by a qualified Subaru car servicing professional.


6.Turn off all the electronics function before ignition

Most Subaru car servicing mechanics recommend turning off all appliances and functions that are battery operated before you turn off the engine, prolongs battery life. It also avoids unnecessary load on battery the next time you turn on the engine.

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7.Maintain performance log of your car

It is important to keep track of your car’s performance irrespective of the age of your car. After all, a car is a collection of numerous mechanical components and only constant care can ensure that it is in top working order. You should keep a check regularly that the mileage and performance of the car is not getting affected or else take in your car for regular Subaru car servicing.

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